Defence School of Marine Engineering

The Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan is also the Commandant of the school which covers a large proportion of the Establishment’s training site. Its vision is ‘to be the best training organisation by developing our staff and students to the highest standards and values.’

The DSMarE headquarters is where the functions of trainee management and functional skills delivery are centred. The delivery of the school’s vision is facilitated by three departments:

  • The Training Support Organisation – The providers of training support within DSMarE. The functions of this group encompass training planning, course design and quality control, training equipment acquisition, IS support and trainee care and welfare. Led by Commander Training, training support also provides the majority of enabling academic instruction for all the RN schools within HMS Sultan.
  • Marine Engineering Department – The Marine Engineering department delivers all ME General Service and Submarine specialisation career course and pre-joining training. Headed by Commander Marine Engineering, the department consists of over 150 personnel spanning from RN officers and Senior Rates, to civilian and RFA instructors all of whom support the department’s four functional groups.
  • The Craft Skills Group – This group is charged with the delivery of basic and advanced craft skills, primarily to Marine Engineering officers and ratings. Secondary outputs include training for air and weapons engineers, the Army and RFA. Under the leadership of the Head of Craft Skills, the group is supported by highly skilled instructors and fully equipped workshop facilities. Tertiary outputs of the group encompass income generation and special projects as required.

In addition, the DSMarE work closely with the Nuclear Department to generate the delivery of all Marine Engineering General Service and Nuclear Submarine career and specialist training.