The Potential Diver Assessment

The Potential Diver Assessment’s (PDA) aim is to assess the potential diver’s attitude and aptitude to undertake military diver training, as well as test his or her physical fitness against a strict criteria set by the Institute of Naval Medicine.

Under the watchful eye of a Leading Physical Trainer (LPT) and Royal Navy Diving Instructors, the 2 and a half day programme begins with the Potential Diver's Assessment which must be successfully passed to gain a recommendation to enter the Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver. Please note it tests to the minimum standard required.

Further physical assessments include:

  • 1000 metre lake swim in a dry-suit and fins
  • Team-building challenge based on a 30 minute mud-flat crossing exercise

Trial self-contained breathing apparatus dives to a maximum depth of 5 metres will take place in an enclosed dive tank at Horsea Island Lake, the home of military diver training.

The potential diver will also receive briefings on the Royal Navy Diving Branch. 

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