Our Fellowship Programmes

The RNSSC is powered by its Community of Fellows which is made up of four separate programmes - the First Sea Lord Fellows, the Future Maritime Strategists, Associate Fellows and Visiting Fellows.

The First Sea Lord Fellows

Experienced Royal Navy personnel and civil servants are selected for a two-year programme where they help shape the Royal Navy’s conceptual fighting power through academic research and strategic thinking on core topics and their own research interests.

To help them provide strategic leadership and direction, the Fellows receive training on topics such as leadership, business, media and academic skills in the first half of the programme.

Cdr Tracy MacSephney

The 1SL Fellowship has not only provided an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with people from across the fleet, there are numerous opportunities to join workshops, participate in discussions, sign up for short courses and work as part of a small team on focused questions that 1SL is interested in reading.

Lt Oliver Johnson

The Fellows are an amazing community, some of the sharpest and most varied minds in the Whole Force, and working with them to tackle the big issues is as humbling as it is exciting, every time.

CPO Peter Spayne

Since joining the 1SL Fellowship in Summer 21 I have been exposed to a really unique blend of academic, military and industrial people globally. The opportunity to liaise on first name terms with very senior figures to share my experiences and ideas, and to learn from them in return has been invaluable.

The Future Maritime Strategists

The Future Maritime Strategists take part in a one-year programme, focusing on supporting the Royal Navy’s Sea Power Conference.  Royal Navy personnel and civilians are selected in a process that puts more weight on strategic thinking than personal experience.

As with the 1SL Fellows, this programme is a development opportunity as well as a chance to influence the Navy’s conceptual fighting power.

One of the highlights of the first year running the Future Maritime Strategists programme was Will Parker winning RUSI’s Trench Gascoigne Essay prize with his work entitled, ‘Winning Without Fighting in the Indo-Pacific’.

Will Parker receiving award from Admiral Sir Tony Radakin

Will, who at the time was a student at the University of Exeter, is now an Officer Cadet at BRNC Dartmouth.

…this has only been possible due to the opportunities presented by the RNSSC . April’s work placement, May’s break-out Q&A session with First Sea Lord at the IISS Seapower Conference, and other Future Maritime Strategist events; have helped equip me with the drive and ability to think and communicate on the big questions confronting the RN.

FVEYs Fellows

 The Five Eyes Fellowship has launched in September 2022, to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas between the partner nations.  In this initial year, we are honoured to be joined by Fellows from the United States Navy and the Sea Power Centre - Australia.  Alongside our First Sea Lord Fellows, these talented and experienced individuals will tackle some the challenges faced by navies globally.

Visiting Fellows

This programme is also individually tailored, with invitees coming from academia, think tanks and industry.

The Visiting Fellows contribute to the RNSSC on core topics and their own research interests, while benefitting from the Centre’s resources, network, and programme of events.

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