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727 Naval Air Squadron
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727 Naval Air Squadron

You won’t find 727 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) in any combat zone – but as the unit that gives potential Royal Navy pilots their first taste of airborne life, it’s one of the most important in the Fleet Air Arm.


727 Naval Air Squadron’s primary role is to provide the Royal Navy with its newest aviators, both by assessing the suitability of potential Royal Navy pilots for further flight training, and by providing flight experiences to youth organisations through the Royal Navy Flying Scholarship.

The squadron offers introductory flight courses to Royal Navy personnel, cadets, and any member of the public who is considering a career in the Fleet Air Arm. The squadron plays a key role in discovering the next generation of Royal Navy pilots.


Based at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset, 727 Naval Air Squadron comprises regular Royal Navy flying instructors, civilian flying instructors, Royal Naval Reservist staff pilots and civilian aircraft engineers. The Squadron is equipped with five Grob 115E Tutor aircraft supplied by a civilian contractor.

The squadron can accommodate up to eight Pilot Grading students and a smaller number of Refresher flying training students at any one time.  

The squadron’s motto is most apt for a Fleet Air Arm Squadron; ‘Regere Mare, Regite Caelum’ (‘To Rule The Sea, Rule The Sky’).


Led by a Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander flying instructor , the instructors and staff pilots of 727 Air Squadron are among the most experienced in the Royal Navy. Their skills include:

  • Pilot Grading Section
  • Pilot Refresher / Fixed wing Conversion Training 
  • Pilot Navigation
  • Instrument flying
  • Formation flying
  • Aerobatics

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