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703 Naval Air Squadron
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703 Naval Air Squadron

Royal Navy pilots fly some of the most advanced fighter jets and helicopters in the world, but their careers start with Elementary Flying Training, delivered in the Prefect T1 flown by 703 Naval Air Squadron.

703 NAS


It is at the 703 Naval Air Squadron that the Navy’s newest pilots learn basic flying techniques that will prepare them for their next phase of training.

Students arriving at 703 NAS may have never set foot in an aircraft before, but Elementary Flying Training is about more than just being able to take off and land. Within 20 flying hours, students can navigate their aircraft at more than 200mph just 150m above the ground, fly in cloud and deal with a host of simulated emergency situations.

Teaching them in the air and on the ground are the Squadron’s Qualified Flying Instructors, experienced pilots who must get the most from their students as well as assessing them for suitability for the front-line; whether that is flying the Royal Navy’s helicopters from the decks of its warships, or delivering the UK’s carrier strike capability with the cutting-edge F-35 Lightning II.

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