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HMS Tyne (P281)
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HMS Tyne (P281)

HMS Tyne typically operates in the UK and NE European waters carrying out Maritime Security tasks, protecting the UK’s interests and remaining ready to carry out marine enforcement operations.

HMS Tyne


One of the busiest ships in the Fleet, HMS Tyne and sister ships Mersey and Severn protect the integrity of UK’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Territorial Seas. Working frequently alongside Allied Navies and other government departments, HMS Tyne is capable of a wide variety of roles.


The first of the Royal Navy’s original generation of River Class ships, HMS Tyne has been serving the nation since the summer of 2003. Operating a watch rotation system allows for Tyne to remain at sea for most of the year protecting the UK EEZ, HMS Tyne is able to conduct maritime surveillance and interdiction operations, and can be fitted with a variety of additional, mission specific capabilities to support a wide range of tasks including navigation training, contingent tasking, or supporting Search And Rescue (SAR) or Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) tasks.

River class


 Led by Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Hugo Floyer, HMS Tyne rotates watches roughly every fortnight. This enables high readiness and availability to be at sea almost constantly in home waters, making the Ship ideal to act as the eyes, ears, and, where needed, the arm of the Royal Navy around the UK.
Meeting the public at events across the UK – more UK ports are open to River Class ships than their larger cousins the T23 or T45 – HMS Tyne regularly flies the flag in these less well-visited areas. The Ship is affiliated with the borough of North Tyneside.

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