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HMS Example (P165)
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HMS Example (P165)

HMS Example is an Archer Class patrol vessel based at HMS Calliope in Gateshead. She is one of four P2000s forming Coastal Forces Squadron (CFS) East based in Newcastle. Her primary role is to provide support to UK Armed Forces and NATO tasking as well as support to training exercises. HMS Example also provides a training platform for Royal Navy personnel, Royal Navy Reservists and University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) Officer Cadets.

HMS Example


HMS Example primarily serves to support UK Armed Forces and NATO tasking within UK territorial waters and beyond. HMS Example will also assist with Royal Navy and NATO training exercises in the UK, North Sea, France, Norway and Baltic Sea.  

She acts as a training platform for Royal Navy personnel, Royal Naval Reservists and URNU Officer Cadets. HMS Example has a close affiliation to The Northumbria URNU which is also based at HMS Calliope. The aim of the URNU training is to broaden their knowledge of the Royal Navy and its activities, with the ultimate aim of teaching them the skills and attributes required for a Naval career, should they choose. The Royal Navy and Royal Navy Reserve training conducted aboard HMS Example are centred around navigation and seamanship training for both officers and ratings. 

As one of the Royal Navy ships permanently based in the North-East of England, HMS Example undertakes a wide variety of regional engagements. She is proud of her affiliations and ties to the Northeast. 



The ship and its personnels‘ responsibilities include:

  • Naval experience
  • Naval training
  • Navigation training
  • Officer training
  • Providing support on Royal Navy and NATO exercises
  • Personal development
  • Leadership training
Archer class


Led by Lt Oliver Lloyd Thomas RN, HMS Example has a permanent ship’s company of five, but can deploy up to 20 personnel, including students and training officers.

HMS Example is based at HMS Calliope in Gateshead. She is proud to be affiliated with HMS Dauntless, HMS Northumberland, 703 Naval Air Squadron, the town of Whitby, Durham School CCF, Newcastle RGS CCF, Sedbergh School CC and Northumberland District Sea Cadet Corps.

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