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Maritime Reserves

Essential support when we need it.

No ordinary part-time role

A unique force of trained, committed, highly-valued civilians.

Made up of two vital forces - the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Marine Reserve - our reservists stand alongside our regulars, getting involved in everything from conflict to counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work.

Eleven Royal Navy sailors holding guns on their shoulders

Why we need reservists

Having a highly-skilled, combat-ready Maritime Reserve we can draw from in times of stress or crisis gives the UK security and peace of mind.

Reservists aren’t on our payroll full-time, so we have the flexibility to bring in people power to protect and serve when we need it, while being as efficient as possible with taxpayers’ money.

Four Royal Navy sailors wearing white uniform

Who can join

Though it takes someone special to join the Maritime Reserve, that spark ignites in people from all walks of life - and every kind of trade.

They’re ordinary people, doing something truly extraordinary: balancing civilian life with serving their country.

Royal Navy sailor holding gun on her shoulder

Royal Naval Reserve

Doctors, call centre managers, students, receptionists, factory workers, full-time parents - the list goes on.

This team of 3,000 comes together from all backgrounds to provide essential trained personnel to call on in times of tension, humanitarian crisis or conflict.

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Seven Royal Marines wearing camouflage in an inflatable boat

Royal Marines Reserve

The toughest reserve force in the world? Quite possibly. They complete the same Commando Course as regular Royal Marines.

Whether they’re honing their skills on exercise or representing the Royal Navy out in the community, the Royal Marines Reserve is a force to be reckoned with.

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Royal Marines in the snow on exercise in Norway