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Royal Marines complete intensive workout ahead of autumn deployments

4 October 2022
Royal Marines raided a compound in the dead of night during intensive combat training in the UK ahead of operations and exercises this autumn.

Marines from Taunton-based 40 Commando carried out a week of specialist training in close-quarters battle, keeping them sharp for operations in confined spaces and across urban sprawls as they limber up for deployments east of the Suez Canal.

It started with skills development at a specially designed urban compound at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone in Devon, with its series of rooms and corridors testing commandos’ reactions and ability to move quickly and decisively through tight spaces.

Alongside search and patrol dogs from 102 Squadron 1 Military Working Dog Regiment and their Army Commando comrades, the Royal Marines undertook increasingly complex missions until a final examination – an attack at night on a secluded compound – at the Bovington Training Areas in Dorset. 

“Overall it was a great week of Close Quarters Battle training, combining integration with military working dogs, Army Commandos and 18 Squadron RAF, to test all ranks and prove ourselves ready for future deployments,” said Marine Anderson of 40 Commando’s Charlie Company. 

Before the final mission, commandos had honed skills in entering buildings, learned to work seamlessly with the patrol dogs and used ‘simunition’ – mock rounds used for training – on increasingly difficult missions to clear rooms and corridors. 

As darkness fell the final attack began as Chinooks of 18 Squadron from RAF Odiham in Hampshire lifted the commandos into action, dropping them near their objective in Bovington.

Scout snipers were already on the ground collecting information and establishing observation posts to carry out reconnaissance on enemy access points around the compound and gain wider understanding of the adversary – their routines and morale. 

Teams with patrol dogs were briefed by the snipers before making their move as they made simultaneous entries into the compound using ladders.

The commandos pushed through, methodically clearing sections of the compound, with snipers guiding another team through the compound and alerting them to enemy positions. 

As the compound was cleared, the commandos carried out what is known as a Sensitive Site Exploitation – that is collecting information and equipment to understand the enemy better and to inform future operations. 

40 Commando are now heading for a range of exercises and deployments from Oman, across the Indo-Pacific with the United States Marine Corps and the deployment of a training teams to Nigeria. 


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