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Red carpet rolled out in Glasgow for event marking recognising Royal Navy submariners

31 May 2022
A slice of Hollywood glamour descended on the Glasgow Hilton Hotel as the Submarine Oscars returned after a two-year hiatus.

The venue provided all the glitz and glamour you would expect for an event named after the iconic Hollywood showpiece. The red carpet was rolled out, black ties tied, and the stage set for a fantastic evening of celebration and recognition for serving Submariners, their families, friends, and affiliates.

Many awards were presented on the night, with Commodore Jim Perks, Head of the Royal Navy Submarine Service, doing the honours. Speaking of the return of the annual awards he said: “It is fantastic that we are once again able to come together as a cadre and community to recognise the sterling contribution of the Submarine Family.”

The annual event, which was established in 2017, had a two-year break during the height of Covid restrictions. During that time the Submarine Service continued to deploy on global missions and maintained the nation’s continuous at sea deterrent uninterrupted as it has done every day for over 50 years.

Commodore Perks continued: “This event has not held since the pandemic, and it is so important to all that we are able to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of those who provide continued support to the Submarine Service.

“From corporate partners, charities, fundraisers, families and those who are committed to improving the lived experience of our submariners and their loved ones, thereby ensuring we continue to deliver on behalf of the nation. I thank you all.”

The awards presented at this year’s event were:

The Valiant Trophy

Sponsored by Rolls-Royce Submarines in recognition of the submarine crew which excelled under the demands of Operational Sea Training.
This year’s Valiant trophy was awarded to the crew of a Fleet Submarine SSN for rising to the task of generating an operational unit from a sea trial and developing a culture of continuous development, which was maintained with gusto throughout shore and sea training. This ultimately delivered them directly onto operational tasking.

The Conqueror Trophy for operational excellence

Sponsored by Thales, along with the trophy comes a contribution to the winning unit’s welfare fund.
The crew of a Fleet Submarine SSN picked-up the award this year, in recognition of outstanding efforts made by the crew and how they demonstrated indomitable determination to deliver success on behalf of the nation.

The Submarine Family award

The Submarine family award is presented for outstanding support to the families of deployed submariners.
This year it was awarded to Lt Will Rogers RN and received on his behalf by his Commanding Officer, Commander Steve Brian.
As the newly-appointed Families Liaison Officer, Lt Rogers acted as the single point of contact for the 165 families of a Vanguard class SSBN for their recent deployment and made himself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

His Commanding Officer said: “Lt Rogers borne the entirety of this responsibility exceptionally well and has responded to the compassionate concerns of more families and loved ones than should ever be expected of one individual.”

Royal Navy family and people support award

Awarded to the individual who provided the highest level of support to the submarine community.
This year the award was presented to Lt Adrian ‘Fez’ Parker for his tireless support of families of deployed Submariners.
Lt Parker was always eager and willing to help where possible and worked continuously to help families and deliver the best quality support available. Often working outside of normal hours, he provided help wherever it was needed, striving to seek more effective ways of working and provide constant support to the families of deployed personnel.


The Sovereign Bowl

Initially gifted to HMS Sovereign from Rolls Royce on the submarine’s first commission in 1974, the trophy is now presented annually for superior performance during Manoeuvring Room Training.
This year’s award was won by a Fleet Submarine SSN for showing an outstanding receptiveness to training and maintaining a positive attitude throughout all training serials.

Submarine Engineering award

Awarded to the crew which demonstrated engineering excellence in support of operations.
The crew of a Fleet Submarine SSN received this year’s Engineering award. The Fleet Submarine crew was awarded this prestigious prize for maintaining the Submarines mechanical and electrical systems for long periods of time at sea, ensuring the Fleet Submarine achieved unparalleled success whilst deployed on operations.

The Thomas Tunnock award

Sponsored by Sir Boyd Tunnock CBE, grandson of Thomas Tunnock and owner of Tunnock’s confectionary. Awarded to those identified as providing the greatest influence of morale on board thereby generating the required component of Operational Capability. Coxswain Kev Longhurst was this year’s recipient. Longhurst joined a Vanguard-class SSBN at the outset of an unprecedented period. Isolation rules had required the boat’s crew to spend extended periods of time away from their families to maintain operations effectively. Coxswain Longhurst worked tirelessly to lift the spirits of the boats crew and their families in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic.

Part of Coxswain Kev Longhurst’s citation read: “Longhurst is a genuine force for good and demonstrates all that is great about the Submarine Service.”

The Naval Families Federation Award

Awarded to Naval Families Federation (NFF) advocates who enable Naval Families to thrive in the local community.
Jenny Rowe and Samantha Davies, two Aggies Pastoral workers for the Clyde area, received this year’s award. Throughout the lockdown period the two of them went above and beyond in supporting families, checking in on families and delivering supplies were needed throughout the whole of the national lockdown.
One of the families who were assisted during the lockdown period had this to say: “Sam and Jenny are a lifeline, through lockdown and then again since. They are both calming and go out of their way for all of us. They are so welcoming, and inclusive. They have got me through some very dark times, just because they cared.”

The Orpheus Award

Sponsored by RB Safety Consultants and awarded to the individual or group who have made a significant contribution to submarine safety during the year, either at sea or in the support arena.

This year’s recipient was the Medical Assistant Submarine branch (MASM). Under the unique challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic a combined effort was required from the MASM Branch to bring about the correct practices to ensure outbreak management of COVID-19 minimised the disruption to Submarine Operational Capability.

They have been called upon (in addition to their core duties) to deliver mass COVID testing programmes, COVID vaccination programme’s and support Military Aid to Civilian Authority (MACA) taskings across the United Kingdom. The enduring courage and commitment of the MASM branch has enabled it to deliver agile, flexible, and responsive support to operations and subsequently priority Defence Tasks throughout the pandemic.

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