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US security award for Royal Navy Commander

US security award for Royal Navy Commander
13 March 2018
Royal Navy observer Commander Joe Dransfield, pictured right of the easel, celebrates a security victory in the USA.

Commander Dransfield, the Senior Service representative at the US Naval War College, was a member of the winning team in an annual contest to devise a future security strategy for the USA.

Having been challenged to assess the strategic environment in 20 years' time and then present a proposal for the USA's 2038 National Security Strategy, Seminar Five was selected as the best of 15 seminars by the VIP judging panel and received the James V Forrestal Award for Excellence in Strategy Development and Force Planning.

James Vincent Forrestal was the first United States Secretary of Defense and a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers.

Cdr Dransfield led, and presented, the strategy development for the seminar, providing an international perspective to the national planning task.

This exercise is the pinnacle of the 11-week National Security Decision Making portion of the college's year-long resident program and is designed to prepare senior level joint and international officers and civilians for executive positions in large national security organisations.

On completion of the course, Cdr Dransfield will be joining the faculty of the United States Naval War College as a professor of Joint Military Operations.

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