Two Six TV

Two Six TV is the internal communications channel for the Naval Service reporting on issues affecting our sailors, airmen and marines.

The 60-second update is an internal communications product keeping them up to date with news and announcements from across the Naval Service.

Personnel Liaison Team Roadshow

The Personnel Liaison Team (PLT) exists to improve levels of engagement, awareness and understanding across the Naval Service and will deliver interactive briefs and discussions across a wide range of topical issues, largely driven by the specific  interests of the audience.

Through the use of interactive presentations, the PLT seeks to develop wider understanding of the Navy’s strategic direction, challenges, key outputs and operational focus, and bring to life the Service ‘offer’. The team exists for the benefit of serving personnel and their families.

It does not engage in spin or unsubstantiated messaging, but complements and supports the Divisional System and Chain of Command by providing an opportunity for open and honest briefing/discussion and by identifying and sharing best practice.

In addition, the PLT provides a feedback loop straight back to the Navy’s Senior Leadership and policy makers, providing a voice for all personnel back in to Navy HQ.

Contact the PLT to book a roadshow visit. 

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