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Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS) 2019

Have you had your say on Naval life yet? This year’s AFCAS is now live and with 2 weeks to go, time is running out. Visit the AFCAS page on DEFNET to find out more and have your say.

Please note that you can only access the survey and AFCAS page via MODNET or DII.

Online Calculator

As a member of the Naval Service, we want to show you how important you are to us. We offer a generous benefits package that helps with the little things in life, both financial and non-financial, as well as the heftier items like travel and accommodation.

The online calculator shows the latest available information from Pay 18 - you can find out exactly what the changes mean to you for the year ahead.

Forces Help to Buy Scheme

Thinking of buying a house or need help moving? The Forces Help to Buy scheme has been extended until the end of next year.

The scheme enables regular Armed Fores personnel to borrow up to 50% of their salary, interest free, to buy their first home or move to another property on assignment or as their family's need change.

MODNET/Dii users can find out more here

Or you can visit

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