World Cup send off for Royal Navy rugby star

Sailors from Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose are cheering on one of their own in the 2019 Rugby World Cup - Sam Matavesi of Fiji.

While there is still some support for England – all eyes from the air station at Helston, Cornwall, will be on Sam, who typically works in the stores warehouse.

To wish him well, men and women and Culdrose filmed a video, led by his supervisor Petty Officer Dean Jones and featuring many of his friends, including members of the air station’s rugby team.

A spokesman for RNAS Culdrose said: “Sam’s job in the navy is as an able rating in the supply chain department. He is basically a safe pair of hands who ensures vital supplies are offloaded quickly and efficiently, up the line to the frontline squadrons – which is not a million miles away from his latest job as a hooker on the Fijian team. From everyone here in Culdrose: good luck Sam!”

Sam, from Camborne, is also well known in Cornwall as a player with the Cornish Pirates rugby team. He has also represented the Royal Navy at Twickenham three times against the army, been on a USA tour for the navy and been selected for the combined services and Fleet Air Arm rugby teams.