HMS Duncan band impress with debut gig

They might not have built the ship on rock’n’roll but music filled the hangar on HMS Duncan as members of the ship’s company formed a band and performed a debut gig.

Playing songs spanning decades, the six-man band showcased their talents in an evening of live music enjoyed by all on board.

The warship is currently on operations in the eastern Mediterranean, supporting NATO and working with French and US aircraft carriers. With a busy programme ahead, the ship’s company took a well-earned break to support the band and have a sing-a-long.

Marine Engineer Technician Joe Truscott is the band’s frontman and joined the Type 45 destroyer in October.

He said: “Despite having played in bands before, this was my first gig on board. The experience was very different, considering the audience this time was made up of peers and shipmates.

“It has been a busy time on board, as an engineer, so nights like this are really special and it’s certainly something I would love to do again.”

Marine Engineer Technician Joe Truscott

Marine Engineer Technician Joe Truscott

It has been a busy time on board, as an engineer, so nights like this are really special and it’s certainly something I would love to do again

The concert was brief respite for the crew who, since leaving their home base of Portsmouth in March, have worked in the eastern Mediterranean in a task group led by the French in a mission to defeat Daesh before working with two US aircraft carriers in the same region.

The gig was one of many events held on board while others planned include barbecues, quizzes and a ship-wide Cluedo.

Lieutenant Commander Paul Caddy, HMS Duncan’s second-in-command, said these events are crucial for team ethos.

“It was fantastic to be able to lay on a gig during our time away, especially after the hard efforts made by all our ship’s company while on operations.

“These events are important to the maintenance of morale during deployments abroad – allowing relaxation as well as offering a chance for team building. I enjoyed every minute.”

The night started off with a Caribbean-style barbecue, organised and cooked by the logistics department, which got good reviews from the ship’s company.

Leading hand Amy Maddison said: “The Royal Navy prides itself as an organisation who foster and encourage diversity.

"This was a fantastic opportunity for the small cadre of Caribbean personnel, currently serving in HMS Duncan, to not only showcase their fantastic culinary skills but to also share in Caribbean culture with the rest of our ship’s company.

“We received great reviews so it is something we will certainly look to do again in future.”

For the rest of her six-month deployment, HMS Duncan will work with NATO allies around Europe.

HMS Duncan

Duncan is one of six Type 45 destroyers built to both defend a task group from air attack as well as to guide jet fighters and bombers on to targets.

She did both in the opening stages of her deployment alongside France’s flagship Charles de Gaulle; the carrier’s Rafale jets carried out strikes against Isis forces in Syria and Iraq.

Since then she’s broken away from the French to join a NATO task force patrolling the Mediterranean, promoting the work of the alliance – celebrating its 70th anniversary this year – and conducting combined training to ensure the group is ready for any eventuality.

East of Malta, the three naval forces combined for some joint exercises.