HMS Montrose is on a three-year deployment


For Montrose, Singapore is the venue for her mid-deployment break – a chance to give sailors and their ship a break after a 20,000-mile odyssey from Plymouth via the Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Chile, Easter and Pitcairn Islands, Auckland, Darwin, and the Java Sea to the Jahore Strait and Sembawang Wharves.

The ten-day break began with offloading all the rubbish (gash) accumulated by the 200 men and women on board (global pollution regulations wisely mean it cannot be cast into the ocean) and loading of stores, before Commanding Officer Conor O'Neill hosted British Deputy High Commissioner Alexandra McKenzie.

The mid-deployment break is allowing some families the chance to link up with loved-ones again, and for other members of the ship’s company to explore Singapore and the Malay Peninsula.

Montrose is on a three-year deployment, the bulk of which will be concentrated in the Gulf. Before she gets there, however, there’s a visit to Japan for combined training with the Japanese Navy to conduct.

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