Royal Navy diver commended for saving sailor’s life

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A Royal Navy diver has been recognised for saving the life of a fellow sailor who nearly drowned in a swimming pool.

AB (Diver) Euan Griffiths, serving in minehunter HMS Shoreham in Bahrain, was off-duty in the kingdom when the sailor from another navy was taken ill in the pool and lost consciousness.

Euan, from Exmouth in Devon, pulled the man from the water and started delivering CPR, continuing to provide first aid until emergency services arrived.

This week, he was presented with a certificate and commendation for his quick actions.

He said: “I was at the pool when I saw a struggle. Thankfully my training instinctively kicked in and I was able to help a fellow serviceman.

“It just shows the skillset we are equipped with through our training is not only imperative for life on board but useful in everyday life also.”

All Royal Navy divers are trained in Level 3 first aid – the ability to assess an incident, provide CPR, help people who are choking, suffering from a heart attack, have suffered a broken bone, or a severe allergic reaction.

Sandown-class HMS Shoreham – one of four Royal Navy minehunters based in Bahrain – has seven divers on board who help with locating, identifying and destroying dangers under the water.

Commander Simon Cox, Commander UK Mine Counter Measures Force, presented the junior rating with his commendation during a visit on board Shoreham.

“AB Griffiths is an incredibly humble and effective individual that personifies the professionalism of the MCM Force,” he said.

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Herridge, the minehunter’s Commanding Officer, added: “It is quite right that we recognise our sailors when they do something out of the ordinary.

“Naval personnel are well trained to deal with the unexpected and that is exactly what AB Griffiths did. In doing so, he demonstrated all the attributes we look for in our sailors.

“That should be recognised and celebrated, especially given the positive outcome for which he played a significant part in.”

The foreign sailor is recovering in hospital with his family at his side.

I was at the pool when I saw a struggle. Thankfully my training instinctively kicked in and I was able to help a fellow serviceman.

AB (Diver) Euan Griffiths

HMS Shoreham's Role

HMS Shoreham is one of seven Sandown-class specialists based at the Clyde Naval Base in Farslane, Scotland. A smaller ship, HMS Shoreham is home to 41 crew members, including seven divers, who enjoy regular training to make sure their skills are always current and ready to deploy.

The courageous, highly-skilled crew work together to clear the oceans of hidden dangers. That could mean searching for – and safely removing – historic mines that remain after past conflicts, or playing a vital role in active service, detecting and destroying threats and helping to make sure larger ships enjoy safe passage.

Currently, HMS Shoreham’s top priorities are supporting to the UK’s continuous at sea deterrent, and helping to guarantee safe passage for shipping – both in UK waters and further afield.

HMs Shoreham

Did you know? Sandown-class minehunters have glass-reinforced plastic hulls to help conceal their presence from sea-mines.