Reservists from HMS King Alfred support HMS Duncan

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A team from HMS King Alfred’s Seamanship Branch has helped HMS Duncan conduct a set of complex seamanship evolutions.

For many the last few months have been a time to think about holidays, summer leave and a break from work.

For the Seamanship Branch at HMS King Alfred, the summer has been a chance to build skills and support the Royal Navy.

A typical contribution has been the HMS King Alfred team working with HMS Duncan to support the ship in July as it during a cold move in Portsmouth Harbour and on their anchors and cables offload.

This a complex series of seamanship evolutions and a great opportunity for the team at HMS King Alfred to practise their skills on the Type 45. 

The combined teams did a great job and finished safely well ahead of schedule.

HMS Duncan’s Seamanship department said: “Thank you for the support you gave us for the removal of HMS Duncan’s anchors and cables.

“A better motivated and enthusiastic team would be difficult to find and all of the individuals involved worked their hardest over the weekend, truly a great reflection on the units that they represented.”

Being part of a team, learning to solve problems and working with complex machinery is all part of the Royal Naval Reserve training and it is always great to see another example of it in action.

A better motivated and enthusiastic team would be difficult to find

HMS Duncan’s Seamanship department