It’s been interesting to learn the differences between French and British standard operating procedures in infantry and engineer tasks as well as learning their jungle tactics. There are a lot of similarities which is reassuring for next time we’re working together

Corporal Jason Probert Royal Marines

Sapper Josh Barnes RE, the troop’s only fluent French speaker, described the experience as, “incredibly rewarding, especially when trying to break down the language barrier to reach a common goal.”

Captain Jon Cooke RE, the officer commanding HADR Troop, said, “The final disaster relief exercise really put us through our paces; we were faced with a realistic threat in a challenging environment alongside our French colleagues.

“Given the UK and French presence in the Caribbean, it is important that we understand each other’s capabilities so that we can work together in any future HADR operations.”

Both French and UK teams relished the chance to work together throughout this period, and the personnel from the UK HADR team shared their lessons learnt working from a variety of locations across the Caribbean in the aftermath of last year’s Hurricanes Irma and Maria.