Montrose has recently emerged from a £38m refit, followed by extensive trials and training, culminating in the successful firing of the UK's new state-of-art air defence system, Sea Ceptor. 

For this mission, the frigate is also equipped with a new Fleet Air Arm Wildcat helicopter from 825 Naval Air Squadron, based at Yeovilton in Somerset. It was sent aloft to record images of the Stoikiy and Boikiy.

“Royal Navy warships are always prepared to respond to tasking at short notice, so when the call came, Montrose was ready for action," said Commander Conor O'Neill, Montrose's Commanding Officer.

"The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, with the support of our NATO allies, constantly monitor the seas and skies around the UK, and our operations are part of that 24/7 watch to ensure the UK stays safe and secure.”

While Montrose followed the progress of the Russian ships, the RAF provided air support to watch over the operation.