P2000s’ morale boost for strongman Ross on epic 2,000-mile swim

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Thumbs up from LET(ME) David Thomas as strongman Ross Edgley enjoys a brief rest aboard Royal Navy patrol boat HMS Charger on the 20th day of an epic swimming challenge… set by the Royal Marines.

The P2000 and her sister ship Biter met Ross off the Devon fishing port of Brixham, one fifth of the way into his Great British Swim – around the entire mainland of Britain.

Ross left Margate on June 1, spending six hours at a time in the water, before clambering into his support boat for a spot of kip and food, then resuming his 2,000-mile epic.

The two patrol boats found the strongman, who’s already completed bonkers challenges such as rope climbing the height of Everest and swimming 100km in the Caribbean tied to a tree, was in need of a moral and physical boost after around 300 miles in the water.

The latter came in the form of bananas, the former courtesy of lots of selfies and an HMS Charger ship’s badge from CO Lt Paul Harsent.

“Support boats don’t come much better – it’s been the absolute highlight of the Great British Swim so far. The Navy heard I was struggling with the waves, so they sent HMS Charger and Biter to support,” said Ross.

“They’re crewed by massive legends – they brought bananas and invaluable advice on seasickness. I cannot thank them enough.”

No-one has ever swum around the mainland before. Ross was inspired by the Royal Marines who suggested the marathon swim after he’d covered 126km (78 miles) in a 48-hour swimathon.

“It was a pleasure to meet and assist Ross, said Lt Nathan Davies, Biter’s CO. “We hope our advice helps him along his way and wish him the very best of luck for the challenge ahead. Rather him than us…”

If he succeeds in his quest, he should arrive at Tower Bridge in London inside 100 days – the second week in September.

Support boats don’t come much better – it’s been the absolute highlight of the Great British Swim so far

Ross Edgley