With 19 crews taking part this year the audience were privileged to witness 4 finals; Plate 3 was won by the Sea Cadets, Plate 2 was won by HMS Collingwood’s Victory Squadron, Plate 1 saw the Chichester College team first over the finishing line and, in a closely fought main final, the HMS Neptune team from Scotland emerged as winners.

The Junior Leaders Challenge is the only competition open specifically for new recruits and youths, offering them a chance to work as a team and challenge themselves in a unique setting. 

It is hoped that the enthusiasm and professionalism on display by the teams will encourage them to take part in the main Royal Navy Field Gun Competition in future years. 

2018 is the Government’s Year of Engineering (YoE), sponsored by the Department for Transport. It aims to build on a multitude of regional and national initiatives that promote engineering and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities to raise awareness of the interesting and rewarding careers available to young people from all backgrounds and gender. 

The Royal Navy is an inclusive employer, voted in the top 10 in the equality index and offers exciting and rewarding careers in many fields of engineering with strong links to professional bodies and clear pathways to becoming Chartered Engineers.

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