This was a good day of Integration Training and teaching the US Marines basic soldiering skills.

Marine Greg Finlow, 40 Commando

No such hostile reception awaited the Norton Manor men as they took a 'leap of faith' and fast roped from the Commando Helicopter Force aircraft.

One on the ground, the troops conducted mortar firing, honed their close-quarters battle drills and joined their US brethren in combined section attacks around Maleme, which remains a working airfield.

"This was a good day of integration training and teaching the US Marines basic soldiering skills," said Mne Greg Finlow.

"The day was a big eye-opener on how they conduct themselves on the battlefield."

On returning to Ocean, Bravo Company and the US Black Sea Rotational Force focused their attentions on Exercise Niriis 17, where the Greeks had overnight raids on 'enemy' positions lined up for the two marine corps.

Royal Marines Commando

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