I made the decision to become an Aircrewman after eight enjoyable years as a chef as I felt I needed a new set of challenges

Petty Officer Russ Stone, Aircrewman 829 NAS

As well as this achievement PO Stone cites working with the US Navy as one of his career highlights.

He said, “I was on the Auriga 10 deployment in the United States as a fresh faced Aircrewman on HMS Ark Royal. Other highlights for me would also include Op Weald where we were tasked to assist in the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and the current tasking where I am using all my anti-submarine warfare skills, operating from and with a Type 23 frigate.”

The role of Aircrewman is very demanding, exciting and varied. No two days are the same. Your office may well be a Merlin helicopter.

The main role is to hunt for submarines, but also to performing secondary roles such a load lifting and winching.

Originally you could not join directly as an Aircrewman, but instead had to be selected once you had proved yourself in another branch. 

Now young people can join and train as an Aircrewman straight from ‘civvy-street’, with training taking around two and half years.