HMS Scimitar, back on patrol

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The Naval Base dockyard in Gibraltar has regained its symmetry now that HMS Scimitar is back alongside in her old berth.

Since late April she has been stuck up on dry land for her Annual Survey and Refit Period (ASRP), a six-week programme of repair and refurbishment to keep her running smoothly.

The work package was delivered by Bolaños, a local Gibraltar company sub-contracted by Babcock who oversee projects for the Navy, from the Vanguard class submarines to Type 23 frigates, and all the way down to the two Fast Patrol Boats that make up Gibraltar Squadron.

This year the programme included a new coat of paint, the addition of new high-intensity strobe lights and the replacement of the head on one of her two MAN diesel engines.

After eight weeks up in a cradle her Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander James Myhill RN, was pleased to take her back to sea for her trials and to sign off the work that had been completed.  

He said, “Having been involved throughout this ASRP I am extremely pleased to see HMS Scimitar return to sea and to her patrol duties around Gibraltar.  

“With the combined efforts of Gibraltar Squadron’s engineers, Babcock and Bolaños, Scimitar is running smoother than ever and we’ve even managed an increased top speed during her acceptance trials.”

In Scimitar’s absence, her sister ship HMS Sabre has been continuing duties around Gibraltar.  

These include demonstration of British sovereignty of the waters around the Rock and escort missions, bringing warships and submarines safely alongside one of the UK’s key strategic bases.

Having been involved throughout this ASRP [Annual Survey and Refit Period] I am extremely pleased to see HMS Scimitar return to sea and to her patrol duties around Gibraltar

Lieutenant Commander James Myhill, Commanding Officer HMS Scimitar