HMS Tyne attends Armed Forces Day in Cardiff

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HMS Tyne navigated the swirling waters of the Severn Estuary to enter the city of Cardiff for Armed Forces Day celebrations lasting across the weekend.

On Friday evening the Ship's Company hosted over 90 local dignitaries on board with a capability demonstration spanning both Fishery Protection and Mine Counter-Measures Squadrons.

Saturday saw the First Sea Lord take the salute for a parade of over 500, led proudly from the front by HMS Tyne, under a strong Welsh summer sun.

There was no respite for the team as Sunday saw the ship open to over 1,000 visitors, including many families who were keen to explore the ship and understand her many and varied roles within the Royal Navy.

Returning to sea and providing life-saving assistance alongside the local coast-guard within 48 hours of departing Cardiff, MCM2 Crew 6 in HMS Tyne once again proving themselves to be the best 'can-do-crew' in the Fleet!