The second lot of new entry students had a slightly different experience, sailing up the river Tyne on a nice balmy Sunday morning and meeting up with the Tynemouth Lifeboat for some MOBEX practice outside the mouth of the River Tyne.

The Tynemouth Lifeboat, RNLB Fraser Flyer, and HMS Example took it in turns to recover ‘Ruth’ from the water and then proceeded back to the river together.

This gave the ship’s company and the new students a fantastic insight into how the RNLI conduct their core business at sea, and Ruth was recovered cold but conscious each time!

The weekend was well received by all and thanks go to Tynemouth RNLI for taking the time to conduct training with Example.

HMS Example has a core crew of five, and is a part of the 1st Patrol Boat Squadron. She undertakes a wide variety of tasking ranging including wider fleet tasking and Maritime Security operations around the UK coast, deployments overseas in support of NURNU and local area engagements such as sea cadet sea days.

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