What the aircraft and the Junglie Sea King stands for is an astonishing chapter in the Fleet Air Arm and Naval aviation

Vice Admiral Ben Key, Fleet Commander

The iconic Sea King goes out of service having been involved in most major theatres of conflict where British forces have been deployed; in particular it will be remembered for its operational work during the Falklands conflict, Sierra Leone, Iraq and latterly Afghanistan. 

The mighty Sea King will also be remembered by many for its work with the United Nations in Bosnia and its humanitarian support work in the Lebanon, West Africa, Philippines and the Caribbean.   

The mantle and legacy of the Sea King will now be picked up and carried forward by the Merlin, which is already in service with the Commando Helicopter Force. 

The Merlin has big boots to fill as the Sea king has made a particular mark in the psyche of the Fleet Air Arm and Commando Helicopter Force. 

However, as Commander Gavin Simmonite, Commanding Officer of 848 Naval Air Squadron said, "nothing stands still and everything moves on." 

He added, "The Sea King has been a wonderful workhorse; it is a great pleasure to fly and an aircraft that has created a thousand memories for the aircrews who have flown it and for those on the ground watching it go about its business. It just doesn’t get any better!"

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