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BRNC Dartmouth
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BRNC Dartmouth
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BRNC Dartmouth

BRNC Dartmouth, located in Devon, England, serves as the initial training establishment for officers in the Royal Navy. It is renowned as the premier officer training academy in the UK.

Location information

The parade ground of Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth

Role of the Base

The base is responsible for providing comprehensive training programs at the Britannia Royal Naval College. It plays a vital role in defence by providing Initial Officer Training and ongoing leadership development. The college also supports Defence Diplomacy efforts by training international officers. Its overarching goal is to produce courageous leaders with the determination to succeed in combat. enduring leadership training, and support to Defence Diplomacy outputs through the training of International officers. Underpinning all aspects of training at BRNC remain the aim to deliver courageous leaders with the spirit to fight and win.

Base history

Throughout its history, BRNC Dartmouth has evolved, expanded its courses, and trained officers for the Royal Navy, adapting to changing needs and integrating women into its training programs.

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BRNC Dartmouth

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College Way
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Email Address: [email protected]
Commanding Officer:
Captain Andrew (Andy) Bray
Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

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Join our guided tour to discover the historic Britannia Royal Naval College. Marvel at the iconic architecture and delve into its rich history. Experience the heart of the College, from the Chapel to the Britannia Heritage Museum. Book tickets below or call 01803 677565. Advance booking recommended.
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