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Amphibious Warfare Course

Amphibious Warfare Course

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Key information


To provide a broad introduction to Littoral Manoeuvre (LitM) and Amphibious Warfare (AW).

Course details


For students to:

  • Gain an understanding of Littoral Manoeuvre and Amphibious Warfare
  • Understand the C2 and staff processes associated with Amphibious Operations
  • Develop an understanding of the Amphibious Planning process and the conduct of Amphibious Operations


The syllabus covers all aspects of planning an Amphibious Operation from receipt of the initiating directive to the completion of the action. It includes the following:

  • Littoral context, Amphibious doctrine, typical Amphibious Force Organisation 
  • Command and Control (including staff functions, roles and planning techniques)

Planning and Sequencing of Amphibious Operations:

  • (including Amphibious Embarkation process, Ship to Objective Manoeuvre and an Operational to Tactical Planning exercise in syndicates)

Enabling capabilities/activities:

  • Including ISTAR, Fires, Aviation, Amphib Logistics and Battlespace Management


  • The courses are suitable for all Officers (Generally Senior OF2/OF3) and Senior NCOs (OR 6-9), of any branch who are/will be closely involved with the planning and conduct of amphibious operations; for both the Maritime and Land aspects
  • Places may be allocated to NATO, Australian and New Zealand officers 
  • Applications for places from other Nations will be considered following engagement with embassies and MoD partnership desks

Want to know more about this course?