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Bandmaster (WO2)

Bandmaster (WO2)

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Key information


To train and teach the student advanced skills in conducting and rehearsal techniques, scoring, arranging and composition, supported with professionally relevant academic subjects in music.

Course Details

  • Advanced conducting, score preparation and rehearsal techniques (wind band, parade band, orchestra and small ensembles)
  • Advanced composition, scoring and arranging (various combinations, including wind band, Big Band and orchestra)
  • Advanced elements of music (music theory)
  • Harmony and compositional techniques. Harmony includes complex modulations and highly chromatic harmony
  • Advanced aural perception, including harmonic dictation, detailed discussion of music from different styles and periods, etc
  • Detailed study of music history, analysis and performance practice, covering music from the Middle Ages to the present
  • Viva voce: oral discussion covering all aspects of the course. Students are expected to show detailed knowledge of the course content together advanced skills in critical analysis


  • Successful completion of the Royal Marines Band Service M1 Course
  • Confirmation from Higher Training, RMSoM that the student has the ability to meet the requirements of the Bandmaster Course.
  • Working dress and dress uniform

Exams and Qualifications Gained

Internal examinations:

  • Periodic/Termly examinations
  • Final examinations
  • Assessed regular coursework assignments

External examinations:

  • ABRSM grade 8 music theory
  • Dip ABRSM in wind band direction
  • LRSM in wind band direction

Want to know more about this course?