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International Defence Training / onsite training

Royal Marines Amphibious Training

This section shows Royal Marines Amphibious training courses held at various Royal Marine locations available to international navies and maritime organisations.


HMS Albion’s Royal Marines Practise launching small boats from the ship

Landing Craft 2 (LC2)

HMS Albion’s Royal Marines practice launching small boats from the ship

Landing Craft 1 (LC1)

A Royal Marine making his way up a beach head at Castle Martin range while ORCs provide covering fire from the sea

Landing Craft Officers' Qualifying Course (LCOQC)

Royal Marines conducted a boarding exercise as part of an Anti-Piracy exercise.

Royal Marine Boarding Course (RMBC) (Non-Compliant)

Royal Marines and sailors from the UK’s Flagship HMS Bulwark and RFA Lyme Bay secure a beachhead whilst practicing their amphibious skills during Exercise Sea Snake

Royal Marines Armoured Support Class 2

Viking all terrain vehicles from the Armoured Support Troop conducting a driver training package in the marshlands on the Albanian peninsular of Kepi Pallet

Royal Marines Armoured Support Class 3

40 Commando Royal Marines conducting strikes during Ex Green Dragon.

Assault Engineer Class 3 (AE3)

Royal Marines from 40 Commando take part in Exercise Blackhorse in California USA

Assault Engineer Class 2 (AE2)

45 Commando Group during Exercise Black Alligator 14

Assault Engineer Class 1 (AE1)

WW2 Willys jeep going through the dip tank, fording to a depth of 1.5m

Waterproofing Training Driver Branch

Vehicle mechanic (VM) of Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) replacing the gearbox on a BV 206 during Exercise Cold Response 2020, Norway

Waterproofing Training Vehicle Mechanic

A Beach Recovery Vehicle (BRV) in action as Royal Marines undergo amphibious training

Beach Recovery Vehicle (BRV) Driver Maintainer Course

Amphibious Medium Wheel 6 Assault Royal Marines offloading vehicles, kit and then setting up base on Tokeh Beach

Amphibious Medium Wheel Tractor (MWT) Operator's Course (JCB 436E HT Waterproofed Winterized (WW))

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