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Miscellaneous Marine Engineering Courses

Miscellaneous Marine Engineering Courses

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Key information


HMS Sultan offers a range of Marine Engineering training courses not covered separately in this catalogue. These courses range from craft skills to equipment specific and from introductory to advanced maintainer level.

Course details


Examples of courses on offer are as follows:

IDT Code   Course Type                                                                    Duration   Applicability
048/539    ME293 LET (MEGS)QC Fitting and Machining   58 days       ME SR
048/540    ME294 LET (MEGS) QC Welding and Brazing    50 days       ME SR
048/047    ME422 – HVME Maintainer                                          3 days        ME SR
048/385    ME423 – HVME Operator                                              2 days        Officers & SR
048/370    ME505A – MMA Welder (Class 3)                              4 weeks     ME SR 
048/371     ME505B – MMA Welder (Class 2)                              4 weeks     ME SR
048/380    ME505D –TIG Welder (Class 3)                                  4 weeks     ME SR
048/349    Spey GT                                                                                1 week       ME SR

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