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IMTT – Small Boat Operation and Maintenance

IMTT – Small Boat Operation and Maintenance

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Key information


This subject is designed to enhance the host nation’s operational knowledge and employment capabilities of rigid collared vessels. 

Course details

The subject reviews the preventative maintenance system, engineering logs, and troubleshooting procedures, tailored for the specific SAFE™ Boat-like platform the host nation utilizes. All maintenance and troubleshooting procedures will be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical manuals to ensure adherence to proper procedures and schedules. This will also enable the International Maritime Student’s (IMS) to become familiar with using the diagnostic software and equipment associated with SAFE™ Boat-like vessels. In addition, this course assists in the development of a small boat training program which aims to develop and improve practical exercises for towing, electronic navigation, man overboard procedures, night operations, marlinspike seamanship, engineering casualty control, and collar repair techniques.

Exams and Qualifications gained

On completion, the IMS will be able to:

  • Identify all vessel characteristics of the specific host nation small boat 
  • Assist in the development of a preventative maintenance program
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate the vessel safely as a prudent mariner 
  • Demonstrate the procedures for conducting safe and effective seamanship evolutions

Want to know more about this course?