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IMTT – Seamanship/Ship Husbandry

IMTT – Seamanship/Ship Husbandry

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Key information


To promote the safe conduct of seamanship evolutions and activities to facilitate the highest operational capability of units.

Course details

The IMTT staff will provide assurance visits and/or training in identified /requested seamanship areas/evolutions, focusing on the paramount safety and Command and Control. In addition ship husbandry will be covered to ensure the most effective and timely maintenance is conducted on seamanship equipment to enable its availability to Command.

Exams and Qualifications gained

On completion the IMS will be able:


  • Conduct seamanship evolutions safely and effectively*
  • Understand the importance of Sea Survival Equipment and the necessary maintenance and management
  • Conduct ship husbandry and understand the importance of maintenance management system

Want to know more about this course?