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Clearance Diving Officer (CDO)

Clearance Diving Officer (CDO)

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Key information

Course details

The topics covered include:

Surface Supplied diving techniques, diving supervision planning and execution, using air (50m) and oxy-helium (HeO2 constant partial pressure) breathing apparatus to 60m.

Diving training will be conducted using in-service RN constant partial pressure helium –oxygen equipment (Clearance Diving Life Support Equipment (CDLSE)), air surface supplied Open Space Diving System (OSDS) and Swimmers Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA).


  • Must be selected by passing own nation Divers selection test and suitability
    for Diving Course.
  • Pass Divers Physical Fitness Test – 1.5 mile (2.4km) run in 10.30 min.
  • 8 heaves (chin-ups), 16 dips and 40 sit-ups.
  • Arrive in the UK with own nation ‘Fit to Dive Certificate’
  • Minimum age to start course 19 years


Qualifications gained

  • Qualified Military Air Diving Supervisor/Diver to 50 M and Health Safety Executive(HSE)/Commercial equivalent 
  • Qualified Military Air Diving Supervisor/ Diver to 60 M 
  • Qualified Military TMCC Supervisor to 7 Bar 
  • Formative/summative practical and written examination: Overall Criteria: Pass/Fail

Want to know more about this course?