HMS Westminster (F237)

HMS Westminster is once again powering through the sea after completing one of the longest, most comprehensive and complex revamps in the frigate’s 24-year life.

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More than 800 engineers, technicians and shipwrights from BAE Systems have swarmed over the ship in Portsmouth Naval Base to prepare her for the final decade of her life.

They were joined by ever-increasing numbers of ship’s company, who have this week taken Westminster to sea on trials, the first step in the long road back to rejoining the front-line Fleet.

When the ‘capital ship’ last sailed her Radar was different radar (996) and her Air Defence system was Seawolf. They been ripped out and replaced respectively by 997 (better known as Artisan 3D) and Sea Ceptor, which has twice the interception range of the old missile system.

The hull was cleaned and repainted – with anti-fouling paint to prevent marine life attaching itself to the ship – the main 4.5in gun serviced, the engines and machinery overhauled, mess and communal areas given a fresh look and the bridge revamped.

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves


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Current operation Maintenance and sea-trials

Ships, units and aircraft need periods of maintenance and sea-trials to ensure that they are at their best for any tasks asked of them.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

Ready to fight

When diplomacy fails, the UK has to be ready to protect its interests and its allies. What’s more, as a member of NATO and the UN, the UK also acts to support the enforcement of UN resolutions and come to the aid of our allies. This is where the Royal Marines come in: we train to go where we’re needed – by sea, land or air – and deploy our forces with the aim of restoring peace.

Location Portsmouth

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Unit History

The First HMS Westminster1918

The first HMS Westminster was one of the famous V and W-class destroyers built to deal with the first U-boat menace in the Great War. 

Battle Honours1940

North Sea 1940-45

World War 21940

In the Inter-War period the ship was held in reserve. She saw action during the Blitzkrieg campaign of 1940, helping to evacuate Allied troops from Flushing, before being damaged off Dunkirk.

Battle Honours1943

English Channel 1943

End Of An Era1948

The destroyer spent the bulk of the war defending coastal convoys, fending off attacks from German E-boats – fast heavily-armed motorboats.

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Commanding Officer Simon Kelly

Rank: Commander

Cdr Simon Kelly joined the Royal Navy in 1998 as a Warfare Officer. He assumed command of HMS Westminster in September 2016.

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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Ship's Motto

For nation and for Glory

HMNB Portsmouth

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Displacement: 4,900 tonnes; length: 133m; beam: 16.1m; complement: 185