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equipment / Submarine
dreadnought class
equipment / Submarine

Dreadnought class

The epitome of naval engineering. With Continuous At Sea Deterrence, they provide unrivaled strength and security.


About the crew

Each Dreadnought Class submarine will accommodate 130 crew members, including three chefs and one doctor. They will also feature separate female crew quarters, toilets and washing facilities.

Devastating power & weaponry


Ballistic missile launcher

The Dreadnoughts will pick up the baton as Britain’s main nuclear deterrent

Like the Vanguard Class submarines that they will be replacing in the Royal Navy’s service fleet, Dreadnought Class submarines will be capable of launching Trident 2 D5 missiles.

The new submarines will each have three missile compartments, and each compartment will comprise of four missile tubes (known as a ‘Quad Pack’) and five deck levels, for a total of 12 missiles. Dreadnought Class submarines will also feature four 533mm torpedo tubes for Spearfish heavyweight medium-range torpedoes.


Power beneath the waves

Dreadnought Class submarines will use a more effective propulsion system

The Dreadnought Class submarines will be powered by a Rolls-Royce nuclear propulsion system known as Pressurised Water Reactor 3 (PWR3).

The MoD considered three PWR options, including the PWR2 system used in the Vanguard Class submarines. But the new design of the PWR3 leverages technology to deliver key benefits such as simplified operations, a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the boats.


The silent enforcer

New innovations in design will make Dreadnought subs even stealthier

The Dreadnought Class will be the first British submarines to feature X-rudders. Whereas previous submarines have used traditional rudders due to their speed and the depths at which they operate, improvements in control and safety now allow for X-form rudders.

These new rudders will sit in front of the very latest Pumpjet propulsor. These are designed to reduce the noise of the submarines, particularly at high speeds. And the Pumpjet used in the Dreadnought Class of submarines is the quietest yet.

Join the Submarine Service

Life under the ocean isn’t for the faint-hearted. You’ll be pushed to your limits, but you’ll be rewarded for it too.

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