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Inspiration Class
equipment / Ships

Inspiration Class

Designed to deter aggression and maintain the security of the UK’s interests, the Type 31 frigates will deliver a warship presence across the globe.

Inspiration Class frigate

Artist's impression of an Inspiration Class ship


Artist's impression of an Inspiration Class ship

A new breed of frigate

Also known as Type 31 frigates, the Inspiration Class will comprise of five ships in total – namely the HMS Venturer, Active, Bulldog, Formidable and Campbeltown. These impressive vessels are currently under construction and will be entered into the Royal Navy fleet by 2030 to replace some of the Duke Class frigates.
Artist's impression of an Inspiration Class ship firing a missile

Latest combat systems

It is intended to fit the Inspiration Class ships with the MK41 vertical launch system (VLS) that provides a new level of lethality. This VSL can launch a wide range of missiles, including the Standard Missile SM-2, SM-3 and SM-6 variants, Tomahawk cruise missiles, SeaSparrow, Evolved SeaSparrow and Vertical Launch Anti-Submarine Rocket (VLA).

About the crew

Once entered into the Royal Navy fleet, the Inspiration Class ships will be operated by a crew of around 100, with additional space for a further 40 personnel.

Made for every mission scenario

Uncrewed Pacific 24 being controlled remotely by HMS Argyll

Providing sea and air support

Boat bays and a flight deck will greatly expand the capabilities of Type 31 frigates

Boat bays have been incorporated into the Inspiration Class frigates to launch and recover three PAC-24 boats. These can then be used to support boarding operations, anti-narcotics and piracy missions, as well as rendering assistance to other maritime craft.

A flight deck at the stern of the Inspiration Class frigates will also provide capability to operate with a Merlin or Wildcat helicopter.

Disaster relief

Purpose built for adaptability

Flexible mission space that can be adapted to suit any purpose

Flexible and adaptable by design, the Type 31 general purpose frigate will undertake missions such as interception and disruption of those using the sea for unlawful purposes, intelligence gathering, defence engagement and providing humanitarian support. 

Each Inspiration Class ship contains 119 square-metres of mission space. This can accommodate up to six 20-foot ISO containers, enabling the frigate to change or enhance it’s capabilities to suit the mission.

Inspiration class frigate with a helicopter on its dock sails through the see
An inspiration class frigate in the sea with an aircraft carrier in the background

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