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Fort class
Equipment / Ships

Fort class

These solid support ships are designed to carry a wide range of supplies to support other naval ships, as and offering extensive aviation facilities.


Fort Class solid replenishment ship

RFA Fort Victoria photgraphed from the air


Royal Navy sailor in hardhat looks from the deck of one ship to another during a supply transfer

Replenish the fleet

The solid support ships replenish warships of the Royal Navy, and its allies, with food, ammunition and explosives. These vessels are capable of  replenishing at sea via six replenishment stations (three on each side), as well as using helicopters for vertical replenishment.
View from the deck of one Royal Navy ship towards another during replenishment at sea

Supplying the carriers

RFA Fort Victoria (A387) is currently the UK’s only vessel capable of providing solid stores logistic support to the Queen Elizabeth Class of vessels. In a year, she is capable of conducting around 44 replenishments at sea, transferring 27,000 tonnes of fuel and 350 tonnes of ammo, as well as food and spares.

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