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City class
equipment / ships

City Class

A 21st Century warship that will undertake the Royal Navy’s three core roles – warfighting, maritime security and international engagement.

City Class frigate

Royal Navy Ship HMS Glasgow makes its way to Scotstoun shipyard


HMS Glasgow being towed an maneuvered by smaller tugboats

Global combat ships

Also known as Type 26 frigates, the City Class will comprise of eight ships in total, with the first three (the HMS Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast) expected to enter the fleet before 2030. A further five ships (HMS Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London) will join after 2030.
HMS Glasgow in dry dock at Govan Shipyard in Soutstoun

State-of-the-art surveillance

BAE System’s Artisan 3D surveillance radar offers unrivalled detection capabilities and leading electronic protection against the most sophisticated jammers. The radar can monitor more than 800 objects simultaneously from up to 200,000 meters away and cut through radio interference equal to 10,000 mobile phone signals.

About the crew

City Class ships can accommodate a crew of 208, and living quarters include gym facilities, recreation rooms, canteen and a medical facility that is capable of dealing with regular health needs and greater emergencies.

At the forefront of stealth and combat

Hull of the HMS Glasgow in dry dock

Silent & efficient

The City Class ships have been specifically designed to hunt for enemy submarines

Intended mainly for anti-submarine warfare, the City Class ships will feature acoustically quiet hulls to reduce underwater noise from the two electric motors, four high-speed diesel generators and a gas turbine direct drive.

A towed sonar array is designed for effective anti-submarine warfare and includes active and passive detection plus torpedo warning.

View on the deck of the HMS Lancaster

Ready for every eventuality 

The Type 26’s missile silos provide a wide choice of weapons to counter any threat

The City Class frigates will boast significant air defence and surface warfare capabilities. These consist of 12 vertical launch system (VLS) cells for the Sea Ceptor surface to air missile (and another 24 multi-purpose MK 41 VLS cells).

Each cell can house four Sea Ceptors, giving each ship a total of 48 missiles, and the MK 41 VLS provides flexibility to utilise a further choice of missiles to counter threats as they emerge.

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