Having the support of peers, colleagues and like-minded people all over the world can help you deal with the unique challenges of Royal Navy life. 

The support you deserve

We understand the impact Royal Navy life has on the whole family. Without your commitment, our most important operations wouldn't be possible. That's why we have a range of services available to help you through tough times, and to improve your quality of life. 

Whether you're serving in the Royal Navy or have a family member who is, connecting with like-minded people at your local community centre or through social media is a great way of getting emotional support when you need it most. 

Actively engaging with the Service community on the Royal Navy Forum gives you access to the latest news from our units, which can ease any anxiety surrounding deployment. You can also get notifications about events that are happening in your area. 


Your local community centre 

All major Naval bases have a community centre, which you can access even if you don't live in Service accommodation. Find your local centre and discover all the events, activities and support sessions available. 

Our online community

Join the Forum

The Royal Navy Forum is a safe online environment where you can connect with the wider service community, get the latest information from deployed ships and receive notifications about events. 

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Connect on social media

Social media is a valuable support tool, which is why we have our own Facebook and Twitter pages. If you're affiliated to a specific unit, you can join its closed Facebook group and connect with other Naval families. 

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Get involved

Community groups and initiatives give you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests, make a difference to others and stay connected with your family. 

They include the Military Wives' Choir, Aggie Weston's and RN FPS Volunteer Programme.  

Find out about a range of other initiatives and how to get involved by clicking the link below. 


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Community voices

Marine Engineering Technician

Feeling like I'm part of something is really valuable to me. It gives me that extra strength I need to do my job.

Medical Officer

It's important to me that my family don't feel isolated when I'm away. Knowing there' support available means a lot.

Family member

Speaking with other wives and mums at the community centre has given me real confidence - it feels like one big family.