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Fitness preparation

If a career in the Royal Marines is what you really want, this section provides all the information you need to make sure nothing stands in your way.

Get fit to join

Shape up for the Royal Marines

When it comes to fitness, there’s only one condition for life in the Royal Marines. Peak condition. We ask a lot of all our personnel, which is why we have an exacting set of physical standards that you’ll need to reach. Once you’ve managed that, you’ll be able to perform in difficult situations, and in the most challenging environments.

My Fitness Plan

Please select from the plans below to download a suitable fitness plan that will help you prepare for the next stage of the joining process, as well as for the rigours of Initial Training.
Image shows four people training for their Royal Navy pre-Joining Fitness Test.

Pre-Entry Fitness Plan

This document details the pre-entry (or ‘pre-ROP’ as it is known in the Marines) 4 week training programme.

Download plan
Group of people running training for their Royal Navy fitness tests.

Training for your PJFA and CPC

These are the 2 initial fitness tests in the joining process. This plan, if followed closely, will help you get fit to join and pass these tests with ease.
Download plan

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