What does it take to be a rating?

Becoming a rating is about what you can do and what you want to do, rather than what you’ve already done.

For most roles, you don’t need any qualifications, but what you do need is ambition, a passion for travel, and to be fully committed to getting stuck in. A sense of adventure and determination are also essential. Only team players need apply: in the Royal Navy we depend on each other and combine individual strengths to work as one and get the job done.

At the beginning of your application you’ll take the Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA), which will assess your academic ability and determine if you can cope with the technical and academic aspects of training. 

There is also a significant physical element to the joining process, and preparation will be key to your success. You can find out more about each assessment and how to get ready, by visiting our fitness section.

A group of Royal Navy personnel in uniform.