What will I get from a Royal Navy apprenticeship?

To complement your unique Royal Navy lifestyle, you’ll get to complete specialist training programmes, so you can gain the transferable skills and qualifications that will help you find success if you decide to start a civilian career. There’s also a pay and benefits package that gives you real earning potential from day one.

What will I get?

Training and qualifications

  • Start with an Intermediate Apprenticeship and gain specialist, nationally recognised qualifications as you progress.
  • Work towards improving your academic qualifications from GCSE to degree level, which we’ll pay for and give you time to study.
  • Gain a broad range of skills in your chosen field much more quickly than you would with other employers. 
  • Receive internationally recognised qualifications from one of the UK’s largest training providers and gain professional accreditation in your chosen industry. 
  • Develop professional and interpersonal skills that will stay with you for life.

Career Progression

Rating roles

Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme

Pay table

Entry Level - Able Rating

£14,931 a year

  • £1,244.25 a month
  • £284.31 a week

26 weeks on

£18,489 a year

  • £1,540.75 a month
  • £346.15 a week

First promotion - Leading Rating

£31,478 a year

  • £2,623.20 a month
  • £566.81 a week

Second promotion - Petty Officer

£36,081 a year

  • £3,006.75 a month
  • £631.35 a week

Highest lever - Warrant Officer

£49,354 a year

  • £4,112.85 a month
  • £904.19 a week

*At any point in your career as a rating, you could go on to become a Commissioned Officer and have greater earning potential.