What's it like to do a Royal Navy apprenticeship?

Starting a Royal Navy apprenticeship means you get the travel and adventure of a gap year, while also gaining the new skills and experience you’d get at college or university. From day one of training, you’ll be making friends and enjoying a sense of camaraderie you won’t find anywhere else. Here, you learn your trade on the job and gain recognised qualifications, doing work that really matters under the guidance of your experienced crewmates. 

How your apprenticeship works

Think an apprenticeship means being stuck in a classroom all day? Think again. With the Royal Navy you’ll be learning on the job and applying your newfound skills in real work situations.

Your apprenticeship begins after basic training, or during if you’re joining the Royal Marines. The course is a mix of theory and work-based learning, with a few formal interviews and practical assessments along the way. You’ll be expected to complete a Career Development Journal as you progress.

Your time will roughly be split at 20% learning and 80% working, which means you’ll be an important member of the team from day one, gaining new skills at the same time as developing your knowledge. 

Apprenticeship day in the life: Warfare

Barry, 24

Warfare Specialist

I’m right in the thick of the action. It can be pretty full-on, but that’s part of the buzz. Sitting in an office wouldn’t cut it now I’ve tasted this kind of work.

Apprenticeship day in the life: Medical

Claire, 18

Medical Assistant

I’ve always wanted to go into medicine, but I want to see the world too – that’s why I chose the Royal Navy for my apprenticeship.