Re-joining as a Royal Marine

The Royal Marines are welcoming applications to re-join both full time or through the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS).

Information on re-joining

  • If you left Service as a Royal Marine or Corporal one to five years ago, you may be eligible for the £10,000 re-join bonus under the Project FLORY campaign. See the details below or call the number at the bottom of the page.
  • If you have left the Royal Marines within 24 months, your application process is likely to be smoother, although we are still encouraging and considering those who have been away from the Corps for a longer period of time.
  • We must prioritise the needs of the Service at this time, but will endeavour to be flexible on Unit locations of preference when assessing approved applications.
  • Before you apply, please ensure:
    • You are under the age of 37
    • You left the Royal Marines less than 10 years ago
    • You are fit and healthy
    • You did not leave under a Medical Board of Survey (MBOS)

In-demand Royal Marines applications

  • If you’ve left the Service within 24 months your application process should be smoother although we’ll still consider those who’ve been away from the Corps for longer and especially those with technical qualifications:
    • Drivers; in particular those HGV qualified and able to transport hazardous material (ADR)
    • Vehicle Mechanics
    • Telecommunication Technicians and Signallers
    • Armourers
  • Former general Service ranks who joined the Royal Marines Reserve can now seamlessly transfer back into full time service.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure first assignments are to preference Units, but the needs of the Service will be prioritised.
  • Eligibility criteria applies but sadly re-entry is closed to those discharged by NSMBoS or on disciplinary grounds.
  • If you left the service as a Royal Marine or Corporal one to five years ago you may also be eligible for the Project FLORY £10,000 re-join bonus. Assess yourself against the criteria below to see if you qualify.

Project FLORY

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be able to complete 3 years Return of Service (ROS) before the age of 55.
  • Have previously served on a regular permanent pensionable engagement (including Extensions of Service) within the Royal Marines.
  • Have held substantive rank OR2-4 whilst in the Royal Marines.
  • Left the Royal Marines (and have not undertaken any form of permanent pensionable engagement such as Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS)) between one to five years at the time of application and did not serve more than 10 years.
  • Royal Marines Branch Manager reserves the right to award the re-joining bonus to former Royal Marines who fall out with the above eligibility criteria but have niche special qualifications of considerable value to the Royal Marines/Royal Navy.
  • In accordance with standard re-entry policy, personnel who have been medically discharged by the Naval Medical Board of Survey or on disciplinary grounds (Discharge Shore - Services No Longer Required) are ineligible.  

There are other standards a re-joiner must meet physically and medically but these can be discussed further upon interest. Call the Project FLORY mobile number below to find out more.


How do I apply to re-join?

Contact our dedicated re-joiner recruitment team today to see what we can offer you. Fill out our form with a few details, phone us on any of the numbers below.