Re-joining as a Royal Marine

The Royal Marines are welcoming applications to re-join both full time or through the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS).

Information for those looking to re-join the Royal Marines

  • If you have left the Royal Marines within 24 months, your application process is likely to be smoother, although we are still encouraging and considering those who have been away from the Corps for a longer period of time
  • We must prioritise the needs of the Service at this time, but will endeavour to be flexible on Unit locations of preference when assessing approved applications
  • Before you apply, please ensure:
    • You are under the age of 37
    • You left the Royal Marines less than 10 years ago
    • You are fit and healthy
    • You did not leave under a Medical Board of Survey (MBOS)

In-demand Royal Marines applications

Applications from Royal Marines and Royal Marines Reservists with the following legacy qualifications are especially encouraged, although we still may employ those who re-join into General Duties roles:

  • Any former Royal Marine with a HGV license (C+E especially if qualified in ADR carriage of Hazardous Material)
  • Any former Regular Royal Marine who have become Reservists, but are now looking for a seamless transfer into Regular Service 
  • Former Medical Assistants 
  • Former Technical Trades such as:
    • Vehicle Mechanics
    • Telecommunications Technicians
    • Armourer
    • Signallers
    • Drivers
  • All other former SQ will be considered. Re-joining the Corps does not mean you will be mandated to join your former SQ

How do I apply to re-join?

Contact our dedicated re-joiner recruitment team today to see what we can offer you. Fill out our form with a few details, phone us on any of the numbers below.