Ratings: Stages and standards

So, you’ve decided to join the Royal Navy as a Rating, but before you can start your training, we need to conduct a number of physical assessments. Once successfully completed you can begin your Royal Navy journey. To help you prepare, here are the three stages that you will have to complete.

  1. Pre-joining Fitness Test (PJFT)
  2. Candidate Preparation Course (CPC)
  3. Initial Naval Training (INT)

Each stage has its own assessments, where you’ll need to meet them to prove you’re up to the physical demands required to commence your Royal Navy training. Don’t worry, we are not looking for Olympic athletes, simply to ascertain you are suitably prepared and ready to commence your Royal Navy journey – we will then take you to the required fitness levels during your Initial Naval Training.

'Get fit to join' is here to help you get ready for each stage. You can navigate through the process, see exactly what you are required to pass, and find out how you can give yourself an edge.

Initial Naval Training

Providing you have met the criteria at the previous assessments, and depending on the number of candidates required, you will be invited to attend Initial Naval Training. This takes place at HMS Raleigh, which might sound like a ship, but is actually a shore base in Torpoint, Cornwall.

There, you will undertake a 10-week training programme, with a series of physical tests that, if passed, will prepare you for the start of your Royal Navy career. You will be given an entry date by your AFCO, who will also arrange your travel. This information will be provided at least 28-days in advance to give you time to make any necessary arrangements.