Officer: Stages and standards

Before starting your career as a Royal Navy Officer, you need to pass a series of mental and physical tests, to make sure you’re ready for the rigours of officer life. Successfully completing them means you can begin your Royal Navy journey. Preparation, naturally, is key. The stages that you will have to complete are as follows:

  1. Pre-joining Fitness Test (PJFT)
  2. Interview (There is no physical test at this stage, but you need to pass it to progress to the next)
  3. The Admiralty Interview Board (AIB)
  4. Initial Naval Training (Officer) (INT(O))

Each stage has its own tests, with exacting standards you’ll need to meet to prove you’re up to the physical demands of life in the Royal Navy. Many of these tests will directly influence whether your are successful in your application, while some are pass or fail, so it’s vital that you’re in peak physical condition.

To help you get ready for each stage, you can navigate through the process, see exactly what is required to pass, and find out how you can give yourself an edge.


Admiralty Interview Board (AIB)

Unique to officers, the AIB is a competency-based assessment to find out if you’re mentally and physically ready to succeed in your chosen role. The day-and-a-half-long assessment contains one fitness test, a 2.4km, timed outdoor run. You’ll need to complete the run within a specific time to progress.

The AIB takes place at HMS Sultan, a shore base in Hampshire, and you will be given notice to allow you to make the necessary arrangements.

What is required of you at the AIB?

Select from the options below to see the running times and minimum standards for your age and gender.




15 - 24

12 mins 16 secs

14 mins 29 secs

25 - 29

12 mins 42 secs

14 mins 58 secs

30 - 34

13 mins 09 secs

15 mins 29 secs

35 - 39

13 mins 37 secs

16 mins 00 secs

Time to aim for:

Satisfactory time:

Minimum pass time:

Running tests

You will need to complete a 2.4km run on Astroturf, within specific times according to your age and gender, in order to progress. The run is an individual assessment that needs to be completed in the best time possible.

2.4 km run on tarmac


You’ll need to select your age and gender before you can see the results you need to achieve.

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Time to aim for:


Satisfactory time:


Minimum pass time:


Pass or fail


Keeping hydrated can help maintain physical and mental performance. Make sure you drink enough fluid to replace your daily losses. Be aware that if you are exercising hard then you may lose more water from sweating. Choose low sugar fluids such as water and milk.