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Farmer's carry

How to do a Royal Navy farmer's carry

Follow the guide below to get the most from the exercise and to avoid injury:

get fit to join farmer's carry step one

Stand up straight looking forward with the two items on the outside of both feet. Head and eyes facing forward, squat down keeping the back flat and the core tight.

get fit to join farmer's carry step two

Grasp both handles and with relaxed arms but a firm grip drive up with the legs until standing upright. Keeping the items close to the body, the core tight and the shoulders engaged start to walk forward.

get fit to join farmer's carry step three

Walk for the distance required ensuring to keep a firm grip, arms should remain straight with the core and shoulders engaged. Recruits should return the weight to the floor under control if they cannot continue. Continue to carry for the distance required, the distance required for potential Divers is 30 metres.

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