Medical and Dental Cadetships

If you’re studying for A-levels that include at least one science-based subject, you could be eligible for a medical or dental cadetship. That means getting your Medical or Dental School fees paid and a salary for the final three years of your degree.

To be awarded a cadetship, you’ll need to secure your own place at Medical or Dental School. After that, providing there are cadetship places available you will attend the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB), which is part of the assessment process for all Royal Navy Officer Candidates. Your AIB report and cadetship application will be reviewed after which you'll be notified whether you've been awarded a cadetship. 

If successful, you’ll only need to achieve a pass in your degree course before going on to foundation training within the Royal Navy. After that, you’ll complete 15 weeks’ Initial Naval Training (Officer) at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) and begin your career. You’ll be committed to a minimum of six years’ service, but that time will be packed with travel, new experiences and continuous development. 

What will you get?

  • Fully funded tuition fees and a salary while you study
  • The opportunity to start a medical or dental career that takes you all over the world
  • Medical training that matches that of NHS professionals, but with greater potential for further specialist training
  • Support throughout your studies
  • You’ll need to join your local University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) where there will be training courses for you to attend, making the transition to military life smoother

How do I apply?


Step 1

 Choose either Medical Officer Cadet or Dental Officer Cadet roles

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Step 2

We’ll send you a link to a digital application form for you to complete


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